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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Katarina and Victoria's Cartoons

Jessica -Hello. I am Jessica Cullen. What is your name?

Edward – Hi. My name is Edward Johnson. I live in a big house and I have got a dog. I work in a big company in California. And you?

Jessica- I live in a caravan and I travel a lot because I’m a dancer. I have got a kitten called Sweet. I am twenty years old. And you?

Edward – I like dancing. I am twenty-six years old. I practice tennis and I like eating shrimps with sauce. Do you like shrimps?

Jessica - Not very much. I haven´t got any time to cook so I usually eat salads and soups. I haven’t got any time for other activities.

Edward – That’s a shame. I get up very early because I’m the boss of the company. Tonight I am very tired because I’ve worked long hours.

Jessica – I wake up at eight o’clock and I go to my daily training. Then I go to the place where I will dance. Do you want to see my show tomorrow?

Edward – Yes. Of course. Please phone me. My number is nine-one-six-three-five-seven-one-double six. I loved to meet you. See you tomorrow. Bye.

Jessica – I also loved to meet you. Good-bye.

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