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Sports - audio dictionary: click on the words and listen to them

HQ Karaoke - Adele: Someone like you

Click on the picture above. 
Then click on "Karaoke" 
and you can follow the lyrics and sing along... enjoy!

On Mondays I never go to work

They might be giants, here come the 1, 2, 3's
1, 2, 3!

- Hello every one, my name is John
- And my name is John too and we are "They might be giants"
- This podcast is about the alphabet
- And numbers
- A, B, C's
- and I, 2, 3
- Wellcome to "They Might Be Giants" podcasts for kids!

Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work

On Mondays, I never go to work
On Tuesdays, I stay at home
On Wednesdays, I('m) never feeling fine
Work is the last thing on my mind
On Thursdays, it's a holiday!
And Fridays I detest
Oh, it's much too late on a Saturday
And Sunday is the day of rest

Oh yes, yes, practise trumpet everyday
Oh yes, yes, practise trumpet everyday
Oh yes, yes, practise trumpet everyday
Oh yes, yes, practise trumpet everyday

Practise Monday
Practise Tuesday
Practise Wednesday

Practise Thursday
And Friday
And I practise all night on Saturday
So on Sundays I play best

Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work
Oh no, no, I never go to work

On Mondays, I never go to work
On Tuesdays, I stay at home
On Wednesdays, I('m) never feeling fine
Work is the last thing on my mind
On Thursdays, it's a holiday!
And Fridays I detest
Oh, it's much too late on a Saturday
And Sunday is the day of rest
It's the day of rest

- Thanks for checking in with the "They Might Be Giants" podcast for kids
- Come back next week for another song
- About letters
- Or numbers
- Or some other thing
- Yeah!

They might be giants, here come the 1, 2, 3's
1, 2, 3!

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Happy St. Patrick's day 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day: Animated Ecard

St. Patrick's Day - The Duchess of Cambridge & 1st Battalion Irish Guards

The Duchess of Cambridge, presented sprigs of shamrock to 40 members of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at their traditional St Patrick's Day parade in Aldershot.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been toasted by members of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards as she visited the Junior Ranks Mess at Mons Barracks on St Patrick's Day.

Irish brown soda bread

(click on the picture for better viewing)

St Patrick's Day Parade 2012

According to Birmingham City Council more than 85,000 people turned out for Birmingham's St Patrick's Day parade.

The procession including floats, dancers, drummers, pipe bands , fire engines, vintage tractors and a fleet of about 50 motorcyclists made their way through Birmingham on one of the hottest days of the year. 

St. Patrick's day: listening comprehension exercises (multiple choice)

Google celebrates St. Patrick's day

 The video shows the past St. Patrick's Day Doodles from 2000 to 2012. 

St. Patrick's Day

A hiker is speaking to a leprechaun, which is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man, clad in a red or green coat. Legend has it that leprechauns spend all their time busily making shoes, and store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The man asks the leprechaun if he can get a full tank of gas instead of the pot of gold.

The cartoon is a comment on the soaring price of gasoline in the USA, which has seen a 32-cent jump in the past month, and now averages $3.83 nationwide.

Parades going backwards, Dustin the Turkey on line dancing and more marching bands then you can shake a stick at! Take a look back at some of the highlights of parades from the 80s, 90s and 00s.

St. Patrick's Day

Present Simple - affirmative

St. Patrick's Day - listening & reading activity

Saint Patrick's Day

By Dave Collett

St. Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He was born in the fourth century and is famous for bringing Christianity into Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is a very well known Irish national holiday, which is celebrated not only in Ireland but all around the world. It falls on the 17th of March.

History of St. Patrick

St. Patrick was born to wealthy parents in the late fourth century. Until the age of 16, he thought of himself as a pagan. He was kidnapped and sold as a slave at this age by Irish marauders. It was during this capture that he turned to God.
He managed to escape after being a slave for six years and then studied in a monastery in Gaul for 12 years. This was when he knew that his ‘calling’ was to try and convert all the pagans in Ireland to Christianity.
St. Patrick went around Ireland founding monasteries and successfully converting people to Christianity. The Celtic Druids were very unhappy with him and tried to arrest him several times but he always managed to escape.
After 30 years of being a missionary in Ireland, he finally settled down in a place called County Down. He died on the 17th of March, AD 461.

Legend and Folklore

Shamrocks, leprechauns and the blarney stone are associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks are three-leaved clovers found growing in patches on grass. You are thought to be lucky if you find a four-leaved clover, so do keep it if you ever come across one!
Leprechauns are little Irish fairies, and they are thought to work as shoe-makers for other fairies. The Irish say that if a leprechaun is caught by a human, he will reveal where he hides his pot of gold. On this day, pictures of shamrocks and leprechauns are hung everywhere. Some people even dress up as leprechauns complete with their big green hats!
The village of Blarney is situated northwest of the Irish city of Cork. Blarney comes from the Irish word ‘An blarna’, meaning the plain. Blarney Castle is a very famous castle in this village and is 90 feet tall. The world famous Blarney Stone is on the top story. It is said that if one kisses this stone, one will be given the gift of eloquence, meaning to have beautiful speaking abilities. Nowadays, the word blarney means the ability to influence and coax with fair words and soft speech without offending.
Legend also says that St. Patrick could raise people from the dead. He is well-known for driving the snakes out of Ireland, although many people dispute how true this is! Another great story was how he used the shamrock, with its three leaves, to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost) to his followers.

What Do People Do on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated world-wide with people dancing and singing in Irish pubs, watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade, drinking ‘green’ beer, wearing green clothes and just generally having a good time. Children in Ireland have a tradition of pinching their friends who don’t wear green on this day!

Traditional Food and Drink on St. Patrick’s Day

Bacon and cabbage is what most people have on this day. Another popular dish is Irish soda bread and potato pancakes. Irish pub owners go crazy on this day, putting green food colouring into their beers and traditional Irish Guinness Stout is a sell out in all Irish pubs! People also drink lots of Irish coffee, which is made with warm whiskey, sugar, coffee and topped off with cream. Sounds delicious? It is!

Irish Proverbs

The Irish have many proverbs but here are some favourites.
  • Better the coldness of a friend than the sweetness of an enemy.
  • Be nice to them on the way up. You might meet them all on the way down.
  • Let your anger set with the sun and not rise again with it.

Irish Humour

The Irish are famous for their jokes and good nature. Here’s an example:

Definition of an Irish husband:

He hasn’t kissed his wife in 20 years but he will kill any man who does!

Now that you know almost everything about St. Patrick’s Day, go out on March the 17th and enjoy yourselves! Why not try and spot a leprechaun or two to find your pot of gold…?

Whatever it may be, don’t forget to wear green on this special day!

Best 16 ways to celebrate St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's day - matching exercise

St. Patrick's Day - listening/reading activity

      Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, is an annual celebration of the patron saint of Ireland. It is a national holiday in Ireland, and millions of Irish people all over the world where there are Irish communities celebrate. Celebrations are based on all things Irish and the colour green. City authorities in Chicago even dye the city’s river green for this day. Many people wear green clothes, eat Irish food and drink the Irish drink Guinness, which many bars also try and dye green. There are also traditional St Patrick’s Day parades. The one in Dublin is spread over five days and attracts half a million people. The New York parade is the largest, with two million spectators. Many people with no Irish connections celebrate and declare themselves Irish for a day.

      Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary. Some scholars say he was born in England, while others believe he was Italian. Most agree he lived in the fifth century. When he was sixteen, he was captured and taken as a slave to Ireland. He lived as a slave for six years before escaping. He joined the church to train as a priest and became a missionary in the north and west of Ireland. Legend has it that Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. There are many other legends about Patrick that have cemented him as a key part of Irish culture. March 17 is believed to be the date of his death. Unlike other saints, Patrick was never canonized by a Pope, although most Christian churches list him as a “Saint in Heaven”.

St. Patrick's Day - Board Game

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Roller babies interview

We’re rolling? Steve, we’re rolling?

- So, tell me Tom, how did you get the part?
- Well, lots of work. There was nine months of intensive tumbling. And my brother, casting director.
- And you Anna, what interested you in this film?
- Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved dancing, so I said yes. He, he, he, he.
- Vince, how would you explain the incredible response to this project?
- Oh, Michael Gracey and Dan the Automator, that’s a helluva mix, you know.
- On top of that rap classic.
- What up!
- Could you do me a favour?
- Sure
- Can you share any stories with us about the shoot? What was it like on set?
- Well, I have to say that, well, something happened?
- Are you referring to your affair with little Anna?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, that... but I don’t want to talk about it.
- It was magic. All those actors dancing. I moved.
- Vince, can I tell you something? I love your hat.
- Ha, ha.

Find the correct school object and click on it...

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HQ Karaoke - Adele: Rolling in the deep

Click on the picture. 
Then click on "Karaoke" 
and you can follow the lyrics and sing along... enjoy!

Colours: Interactive game

Your task is to take Steve over the river on the right stones. 
You have to remember the colours of the stone on which Steve has to cross. 
Be careful! You can’t make a mistake otherwise Steve is going to fall in the river. 
A dangerous shark roams there and might eat him. 
Click on the stones according to the instructions. 
The higher the level, the wider the river.

Describing people - adjectives: listen and write the words.

Clothing and footwear - listen and write the words.

FACE - There are eight words below the picture. Can you put the words in the right places? Click and drag the words into the spaces below the picture.

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Personal Pronouns - click and listen

I - eu
You - tu / você
He - ele
She - ela
It - ele / ela
We - nós
You - vós / vocês
They - eles / elas

Verb to have got - AFFIRMATIVE: click and listen

Verb to be - AFFIRMATIVE (long form)

Jobs & Occupations - click and listen to the words

ACTOR - ator
ARCHITECT - arquitecto, arquiteta
ARTIST - artista
CLOWN - palhaço
COOK - cozinheiro, cozinheira
DOCTOR - médico, médica
ELECTRICIAN - eletricista
ENGINEER - engenheiro, engenheira
FISHERMAN - pescador
HOUSEWIFE - doméstica
MECHANIC - mecânico, mecânica
NURSE - enfermeiro, enfermeira
PILOT - piloto
SINGER - cantor, cantora
STUDENT - estudante
TEACHER - professor, professora
FIREMAN - bombeiro

School objects - click on the picture and listen to the vocabulary

BOOK - livro
CALCULATOR - calculadora
COLOURED PENCILS - lápis de cor
CRAYONS - lápis de cera
GLUE - cola
PEN - caneta
PENCIL - lápis
PENCIL CASE - estojo de lápis
PENCIL SHARPENER - apára-lápis
RUBBER - borracha
RULER - régua
SCISSORS - tesouras
WORKBOOK - livro de exercícios

Family - click and listen to the vocabulary

FATHER - pai
MOTHER - mãe
PARENTS - pais
DAUGHTER - filha
SON - filho
CHILDREN - crianças / filhos
BROTHER - irmão
SISTER - irmã
UNCLE - tio
AUNT - tia
COUSIN - primo / prima
NIECE - sobrinha
NEPHEW - sobrinho
HUSBAND - marido
WIFE - mulher

Daily routine: click on the button and listen to the vocabulary

get up: levantar
have a shower: tomar um duche
have breakfast: tomar o pequeno almoço
go to school: ir para a escola
have classes: ter aulas
have lunch almoçar
do the homework: fazer o trabalho de casa
have dinner: jantar
go to sleep: ir dormir