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segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2016

Easy Halloween Craft - DIY the shoes of the witches

DIY the shoes of the witches
DIY the shoes of the witchesHave a look at this quick and easy way to make the shoes of the which. You can decorate your house for Halloween.
DIY the shoes of the witches
You will need a black sheet of paper(А4, letter) and a colored one the same size.
DIY the shoes of the witches
Tear the colored sheet as shown and glue the pieces onto the black sheet. Do this for two-thirds of the sheet. Fold it into two.DIY the shoes of the witches
Draw the shoe of the witch on the black part of the sheet.
DIY the shoes of the witches
DIY the shoes of the witches
Cut the extra parts. Be careful with the heel. Leave two pieces there. They will be used for the shaping of the heel itself.
Roll the colored part and glue.
DIY the shoes of the witches
Make the buckle and the lace of the sock from a white sheet of paper and glue them.

sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016

Halloween Folded Paper Witch

Folded Paper WITCH
This witch is very easy to make. You will need a black A4 printer sheet. a stapler and googly eyes.
Fold the paper into an accordion and staple close to one of the ends. Spread the two parts and you will get the witch’s cloak and collar.
Here’s an easy way to draw the witch’s face which you can later cut out and paste on the collar.
You will now need hands and boots:)
Glue all the parts together and your witch is ready.

segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

"We Are Pumpkins Big and Round" - Halloween Video Song with Subtitles & Lyrics


We are pumpkins, big and round,
Big and round, big and round.
We are pumpkins, big and round,
Seated on the ground.

We are pumpkins, big and round,
Big and round, big and round.
We are pumpkins, big and round,
Turn into a Jack o'Lantern.

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2016

Idioms connected with time

Idioms with time

  • Buy time: to do something in order to have more time to achieve something
  • Kill time: spend time by entertaining yourself or doing something that is interesting for you
  • Mark time: 1) to pass the time while you wait for the right opportunity 2) Military: March in one place
  • Time flies: time passes very quickly
  • Time after time (time and time again): very often; again and again
  • Time is money: time is valuable and used productively
  • Tell the time (Us tell time): to be able to read a clock or watch correctly
  • Bide your time: to wait patiently for the right moment to do something
  • Third time lucky (US third time is the charm): used when you are sure to succeed the third attempt because you have failed the previous two attempts
  • Have time to kill (have time on your hands): have nothing to do
  • Long time no see: I have not seen you for a long time
  • Once upon a time: once a long time ago, used to open fairy tales and folk tales
  • (Only) time will tell: The result of a situation will only be known after time has passed
  • Against time (against the clock): an attempt to finish something as fast as possible
  • Ahead of time: before the expected time: early
  • At one time: 1) in the past; formerly 2) at once
  • At times: sometimes
  • Beat time: follow the rhythm of music with hand, foot, fingers or a similar means
  • Behind the times: someone or something that is not modern; old-fashioned
  • From time to time: occasionally; not often
  • Time’s up: there is no more time for something
  • In time: before a deadline; not late
  • On time: according to the schedule
  • Have time of your life: to have a very enjoyable time
  • Do time: to spend a period of time in prison (as a prisoner)

Idioms with minute (moment/second)

  • At any minute (now): very soon
  • Just a minute (moment/second): wait for a short time
  • The last minute (moment): the last opportunity before an important event
  • Up to the minute: modern; recent

Idioms with hour

  • Until all hours: very late at night
  • At the eleventh hour: at the last minute
  • At an ungodly hour (informal: At an unearthly hour): a time of day, very early or late, that is not convenient to see somebody
  • The evil hour/day/moment: difficult or unpleasant time


Sentence examples:

I usually kill time by watching funny videos online.
The time flies when I am reading book.
Time after time she goes to the theatre.
Kids will learn how to tell the time with this video.
I am biding my time to earn money outside of my current job.
We have some time to kill before the next class.
Who will win the presidential election? Only time will tell.
We are working against time to publish the plan by the end of this year.
The meeting will start ahead of time.   
At one time my parents lived in Ukraine.
I go by bus at times.
He beat time by clapping.
This method seems behind the times.
From time to time she writes to me.
Stop running! Time’s up.
The train was on time.
The documents were delivered in time.
My kids had time of their lives in the amusement park.
He did time for selling marijuana. 
She’ll be here at any minute.
He decided to leave at the last minute.
Some styles are always up to the minute.
I like to watch TV until all hours.
She decided not to come at the eleventh hour.
The noise of the traffic always wakes me up at an ungodly hour.

sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2016

Family vocabulary

Family vocabulary


Your mother and father are your parents who care for you while you are growing.
  • Father: a person’s male parent. We usually call our father Dad or Daddy.
  • Mother: a person’s female parent. We usually call our mother Mum or Mummy.


  • Grandfather: a father of a person’s parent. We usually call our grandfather grandad (US granddad) or grandpa.
  • Grandmother: a mother of a person’s parent. We usually call our grandmother grangrandma or granny.


Your brothers and sisters are your siblings with same parents.
  • Brother: a male person with the same parents as another person
  • Sister: a female person with the same parents as another person

Our uncle and aunt are the siblings of our parents.
  • Uncle: a brother of a person’s parent; a husband of a person’s aunt
  • Aunt: a sister of a person’s parent; a wife of a person’s uncle


Your son and daughter are your children.

  • Son: a male child
  • Daughter: a female child
  • Cousin (also first cousin): a child of a person’s aunt or uncle
  • Nephew: a son of a person’s sibling
  • Niece: a daughter of a person’s sibling


The child of your son or daughter is your grandchild.
  • Grandson: a son of a person’s child
  • Granddaughter: a daughter of a person’s child


The partner in marriage is our spouse. Our wife or husband is our spouse.
  • Husband: a male partner
  • Wife: a female partner

Parents of the spouse

  • Father-in-law: a father of a person’s spouse
  • Mother-in-law: a mother of a person’s spouse
  • Brother-in-law: a brother of a person’s spouse
  • Sister-in-law: a sister of a person’s spouse


Your ex-wife or ex-husband is your former partner in marriage.


  • Half-brother: a male person who has either the same mother or the same father (but not both) as another person
  • Half-sister: a female person who has either the same mother or the same father (but not both) as another person


  • Stepmother: new wife of a person’s father in a second marriage
  • Stepfather: a new husband of a person’s mother in a second marriage


Your stepbrother or stepsister is the child of your stepparent but not your biological parent.

Collocations with family members

lone, single, widowed father
a father of two/three etc.
lone, single, unmarried, widowed mother
a mother of two/three etc.
big, elder, older, little, younger, full, half, twin brother/sister
maternal, paternal uncle/aunt
future, ex-, former, house husband/wife

sábado, 8 de outubro de 2016

Uncountable nouns often used wrongly

Uncountable nouns

Accommodation, advice, feedback, clothing, equipment, information, luggage, news, progress and software are uncountable nouns often used wrongly. These words are not used in the plural form and are not used with indefinite article (a, an) and a number.

Accommodation (accommodations in American English)

Definition: a place provided for someone to live, stay or work in

✓ We are looking for overnight accommodation for a couple.
 We are looking for an overnight accommodation for a couple.
✓ Accommodation in this city is cheap
✗ Accommodations in this city are cheap


Definition: an opinion on how to do something appropriately 

✓ The dietitian gave me a lot of advice on healthy eating.
✗ The dietitian gave me a lot of advices …
✓ Can I offer you advice on which car to buy?
✗ Can I offer you an advice on …?

We use a piece of/a word of to make advice countable

a piece of advice
two pieces of advice

Difference between advice and advise

Advice (with c)
The consultant gave me professional advice.
Advise (with s)
I strongly advise you to change your hairstyle.


Definitions: constructive [=useful and helpful] criticism, advice or comments that are used to improve the product, performance or situation.

✓ There is a lot of feedback about the new website.
✗ There are a lot of feedbacks about 
✓ I got positive feedback from my boss.
✗ I got a positive feedback  from …


Definitions: objects typically made of wood, that are used in a room for sleeping, sitting or storing dishes, food or clothes

✓ We decided to buy some new furniture for the living room.
✗ We decided a new furniture
✗ We decided some new furnitures…

We use a piece of/an item of to make furniture countable

a piece of furniture
two pieces of furniture


Definition: things that you wear on your body

✓ You must wear protective clothing.
✗ You must wear a protective clothing.
✓ She will buy two items of clothing.
 She will buy two clothings.

We use a piece of/an item of/an article of to make clothing countable

a piece of clothing
two pieces of clothing


Definition: all the necessary things for a specific [particular] purpose or activity

✓ We have to buy new kitchen equipment for the restaurant
✗ We have to buy new kitchen equipments…
✗ We have to buy a new kitchen equipment …

We use a piece of to make equipment countable

a piece of equipment
two pieces of equipment


Definition: facts that are received or known about something

✓ This diary gives a lot of information about my childhood.
✗ This diary gives a lot of informations
✓ I found a piece of information about my hometown on this website.
✗ I found an information

We use a piece of/a bit of to make information countable

a piece of information
two pieces of information


Definition: bags and cases that are carried by someone who is travelling

✓ Where can I leave my luggage at the station?
✗ Where can I leave my luggages…?
✓ You can put a piece of luggage on the rack
✗ You can put a luggage

We use a piece of/an item of to make luggage countable

a piece of luggage
two pieces of luggage


Definition: new, important or unusual information about events

✓ The good news is that my wife’s expecting a baby.
✗ The good news are that…
✓ I have some good news for my family.
✗ I have a good news…

We use a piece of/an item of to make news countable

a piece of news
two pieces of news


Definition: the process of improving (or developing) something gradually

✓ I think he’s making great progress in English.
✗ I think he’s making a great progress
✓ The government has made a lot of progress in stimulating the economy.
✗ The government has made a lot of progresses


Definition: computer programs

✓ I want to buy antivirus software.
✗ I want to buy an antivirus software.
✓ What is the essential software for PC?
✗ What are the essential softwares…?

We use a piece of to make software countable

a piece of software
two pieces of software