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eTwinning Project "POR.TAL for English" | St.Valentine's activities

Our theme for our St. Valentine's activities is "What is friendship for you?"

We made wordpuzzles with the words that define friendship and we sent them to our Italian partners by snail mail.

Our wordpuzzles:

The Portuguese students received their partner's wordpuzzles, assembled and displayed them:

The Portuguese students were glad to receive surprise postcards from their friends! 

Our collaborative mind map about FRIENDSHIP:

"True friendships are hallmarked by each member's desire to engage with the other – it's about mutual interest in one another's experiences and thoughts, as well as a sense of connection." 
Dr. Suzanne White

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eTwinning Project "POR.TAL for English" | "My favourite book"

Readers display greater knowledge of how things work, vocabulary and language development, as well as information on people, places and so many subjects. 
Reading rocks!


Our favourite books inspired us to draw:

This is our collaborative ebook with our Italian partners:

Top 5 Facts about Falling in Love - video

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eTwinning Project "POR.TAL for English" | Our project's logo

These are the logos made by the Portuguese students:

And this is a video that collects all the pictures from both schools:

The Portuguese students and the Italian students made an online votation.
Here are the results of our survey. The winner logo is picture number 12!

The winner artist is from Portugal! Congratulations!

Our most voted artists:

Our project's LOGO:

10 English Love Expressions | English Vocabulary & Speaking

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