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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Daniela and Lilia's Cartoons

K- Hello! What is your name?

D- Hello! My name is Daisy and yours?

K- My name is Kevin. I’m twenty-five years old. And you?

D- I’m twenty-four.

K- I am a sports teacher . What is your job?

D- I am dance teacher and I work partime in this bar. I love sports and dancing!

K- So do I ! I live in Las Vegas!

D- I live in New York!

K- The city is very pretty! I have to go to my hotel now! Here is my phone number. Three seven two seven one two four eight three. Bye! Kiss! Nice to meet you!

D- I will phone you! Kisses! Bye! Nice to meet you too!

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