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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Joana and Núria's Cartoons

A--Hi! My name is Charles and my surname is Park.
What is your name?

B--Hi! My name is Anne and my surname is Emmy.
I am a vet.

A--I am working in a shopping center.
I am thirty-two years old. And you?

B--I am thirty-two years old, too.
I live in Mexico. And you?

A— So do I.
My phone number is three, six, seven, eight, four, two, one, five, nine.
What is your phone number?

B--My phone number is three, five, eight, oh, two, four, seven, one, nine.
I have a many pets.

A--I like pets.

B-- I like sports very much. And you?

A--I like to play football and basketball.
See you tomorrow. Bye.

B— Ok, Bye!

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