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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Miguel and Fernando's Cartoons

1. Hello, my name is Peter Parker. What is your name?

2. My name is Jake Raven. Do you like sports?

1. Yes. I am a football player. Do you work?

2. Yes. I am an American footballer. How old are you?

1. I am twenty years old. How old are you?

2. I am twenty-three years old. Do you have family?

1. Yes, I live with my brother. He is fourteen years old and his name is Barak Obama.
Do you have family?

2. Yes. I have family. I live with my brother. He is thirteen years old and his name is Johnny Raven. Sorry. I have to go because I have to take care of my brother. Bye. I see you in the shop at six o’clock p.m tomorrow.

1. Ok. Bye my friend.

Guilherme and Luke's Cartoons

S -Hello young man! What are you doing here?
K -Hello sir! I’m here because I want  some soda!           
S -I'm sorry but those machines are broken but I think I have got one in my pocket.
K -Thank you but I’m not thirsty anymore.
S -Ok. So what is your name? How old are you?
K -My name is James I am eighteen years old.
S -You’re cool. Do you want to sign up for the SWAT team? I just need your phone number.
K -My phone number is nine six two four seven nine eight three one.
S -Ok ,good bye, James
K -Ok, see you soon

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