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sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

Fun interactive gingerbread cookies decorating

Decorating gingerbread cookies is a wonderful yet messy holiday activity. Here are some great sites where your students can decorate their own personal cookie- with zero mess!

This Candy Land Gingerbread Man has lots of candy choices and colors for clothing and frosting and icing!

The Gingerbread Man with Everything is a free site from Sprint with tons of candy choices- all that can be rotated and moved. There are also lots of icing choices- including color and size. Completed cookies can saved, sent, and shared. Be sure to check out the gallery full of already created cookies that are fun to view and try to copy. 

Time to Decorate is a simple site from Blenderbox that lets you decorate a cookie. There are only a few candy choices but it's still fun!

Here is another fun gingerbread decorating site with lots of options- shape, icing, and details!

These sites would not only be a fun one to share with your students- whole class on a Smart Board and individually- but would also be a fun way for them to practice mouse skills at the same time! 

As wonderful as it would be to create gingerbread houses with all of your students each year, it's sadly both cost and time (not to mention mess) prohibitive. 
Here are a few sites to do so virtually:

This fabulous site from Highlights website- Design Your Own Gingerbread House will allow each of your students to create their very own individual gingerbread house!

On this site students can choose from many different food, candy, icing and other items to decorate their house any way that they choose. All items can be rotated, re-sized, and flipped which makes each house unique. This is such a fun and creative site and would be fabulous as both a whole class activity and as an individual student activity.The completed houses can even be printed so students can take them home once they are completed. These houses won't be quite as sweet as real ones, but they are a great classroom alternative!

This site by Jan Brett is beautiful and fun!