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quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2015

Gingerbread Fun - lots, lots and lots of interactive fun and educational activities for Christmas

This Gingerbread Man Storyboarder is a great way for students to re-tell or re-write a story, creating a sequence of scenes. They can select backgrounds, add characters and props, change the position and size of characters, add text in the form of captions, speech, and thought bubbles or write the story narrative below the scene on the timeline. 

This Gingerbread Man activity is a great way to have students practice adding punctuation to sentences based around the Gingerbread Man story. The punctuation has been stripped out for students to add back in with two levels of activity. 

Here is a great simple version for little ones at Starfall

Here is another online version that reads the story to students.

Here is a great Gingerbread Man story to read along with

Here is a version of the story from TopMarks

The Gingerbread Man Game to practice counting, matching and ordering can be found here.

Gingerbread Math:

Here are some great Gingerbread Math Interactives

Mathwire has some great Gingerbread Man Math ideas including:

This Gingerbread Man game allows students to punctuate simple or complex sentences.