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domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

Christmas Song: «Every Day's Like Christmas» by Kylie Minogue | video & lyrics

Thinking of you
Thinking of all that you do to me
Out of the blue
All that I hope
But live without it
Fell into fume
And put a light that moved right through me
It's all coming true
And now everyday's like Christmas

Until you, everyday was ordinary
It's true and now everyday's like Christmas

All 'cause of you
Oh now there's angels all around me
I was down and disused
And now I can't believe you found me
Thinking of you
Thinking of all the storms we weathered
Thanks for pulling me through
I hope we'll always be together

'Cause it's true
Everyday before was heavy, ooh
And now everyday's like Christmas

Oh, you're just extraordinary
And all before my hopes are wary
Now my dreams are coming very true

I'm falling, I'm falling
I'm falling into you

Oh, you're just extraordinary
It's true, you make everyday like Christmas

Oh everyday
Everyday's like Christmas