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quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2015

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - video and video script

In a country far away, there lived a shepherd boy.
The shepherd boy was bored watching sheep.
'Oh~ I'm so bored, I'm always alone. Isn't there anything exciting?'
The boy wondered if there was anything fun to do.
'I'm so bored, maybe I should tease other people.'
The boy cried out loud.
"Wolf! Wolf!"
The villagers working in the fields came running.
"What? Wolf? Where?"
However, there was no wolf in sight.
"Hee hee, I lied. I was just bored."
"What! You, bad boy. You surprised us. Don't do that again!"
The villagers complained and returned to their work.
However, the boy was excited when he saw the villagers come running.
'Hee hee... Look at how surprised they were. This is so fun.'
The next day, the boy lied again.
"There's a really huge wolf! Help!"
The villagers came running again.
They were very upset when they discovered the boy lied again.
"You, bad boy, lying like that again. We won't believe you again."
The villagers complained and went back to work, but the boy was still happy.
However, some time later, a wolf really did appear.
The boy was surprised and yelled out.
"Wolf! Wolf! A wolf has really appeared!"
The villagers continued to go on with their work.
"Hmph, we won't fall for your lie again. Not this time."
Nobody showed up and the boy yelled out louder.
However, the villagers thought he was lying again and nobody came to help him.
The shepherd boy and his sheep were eaten up by the wolf.