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quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

Charles Darwin - video and videoscript

One day a letter came to Darwin who twice failed to meet his father's expectations about him.

It said professor Handler recommended Darwin as naturalist to the HMS Beagle scheduled to depart for the West Indies.
His father, who objected to it at first, allowed him to go there after all because of his enthusiasm.
Having boarded the big HMS Beagle, Darwin started a long journey along with Professor Handler's encouragement.
Looking at the broad sea, he said to himself, "I'll observe a lot of things without fail to prove this journey useful."
Darwin observed a lot of animals and plants during his long journey.
"I see all creatures evolve little by little depending on the environment."
He sent Professor handler a letter saying what he saw and how he felt about them.
Professor handler who received Darwin's letter gathered his opinions and submitted them to the relevant academy.
Which was unusually interested in them.
As a result, his name became gradually known to the world.
After finishing a long five-year journey, Darwin returned to his homeland.
He wrote the "Voyage of the Beagle" on the recommendation of Professor Handler.
He married his cousin Emma at the age of 30.
Later on, Darwin began to write the theory of evolution of species little by little.
But he didn't make haste.
'I need a lot of courage and sufficient data in order to prove this theory.'
He collected data for supporting his theory.
Darwin mustered up courage to publish the book, the Origin of Species using the data he had collected.
His book sold like hot cakes and created a stir among people.
There was a big commotion in scientific and academic conferences.
"The Origin of Species is a false theory. It doesn't believe in God."
"Human's ancestors are monkey? Far from it!"
But people gradually began to recognize Darwin's argument based on a lot of data and well-grounded information.
Many people who believed that God had created humans for a long time came to understand the evolution of humans through Darwin's Origin of Species.