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quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2014

Dad Makes Bullied Goth Teen Daughter Feel Loved in the Most Amazing Way

Back to school time is a joyful occasion, but for some students going back to school can mean facing down schoolyard bullies, dealing with disapproving teachers and slumping under the gaze of gawking strangers, all because of the way they dress.
A new viral ad for German home improvement brand Hornbach, serves as a good reminder that even if a child prefers all black, wears a leather collar and avoids team sports, they still deserve a good, loving support system. If that means painting your home black, so be it.
While goths may enjoy offbeat things, no child should ever dread going to school over the specter of bullying or name-calling.
Goths may not approve of much that is heartwarming, but this video may be the exception.