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quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2018


      The story started with a young  man who got on a train and sat in a  seats near another man. Both men looked at each other in an unfriendly and suspicious manner. The man who entered the train and took a  was wearing a Star of David necklace and we assume that he is a Jew. The other man who was already seated was reading an Arabic language newspaper, and we assume that he is an Arab and a  Muslim. While the two men continued to look at each other suspiciously, a group of men who from their hair, dress and tattoos we assume are neo-nazis approached the man reading the newspaper. They sat opposite him and intimidated him, one of the group sprayed a swastika on the man’s newspaper.  Meanwhile the Jewish man looked away and did nothing to help the Arab. The harassment of the Muslim stopped when the Jewish man’s mobile phone went off and they heard a ringtone with traditional Jewish music. At this point all the neo-nazis turned their attention to the Jewish man who made eye contact with the Muslim to run as he knew that they would attack him next. As the train pulled into a station both the Arab and the Jew escape from their attackers and manage to get off the train on opposite sides of the track. They smiled at each other, and then left the station without exchanging any words...