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terça-feira, 27 de março de 2018

Easter Masks (hats) for kids

See how to make your DIY hat-masks for little kids.
Kids, when they are small, they cannot stand masks on their faces for a long time. This can be embarrassing when they act in a play, for example, right?
The base is a paper hat, which is decorated depending on the character.
For the paper hat you will need cardboard paper (54cmX31cm). If the head of the kid is bigger than 51cm, then increase the length (the new figure must be divisible by 2).
Masks (hats) for kids
Masks (hats) for kids
Start glueing, but be careful for the sequence.
Masks (hats) for kids
We put paper-clips to fasten the paper until the glue dried up.
Masks (hats) for kids
We made the rabbit’s ears from wadding and put drinking straws inside to prevent them from bending.
Mask chiten for kids
Mask ladybird for kids
Mask swallow for kids
Mask violet flower for kids
violet, made by crepe paper
Mask bear for kids
Masks (hats) for kids