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domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

25 Spring Writing Prompts

1. Imagine that Spring Fever was a real person. What would he/she look like? What would he/she do? 

2. If you were a bee, would you rather be a guard bee, a scout bee, or a nursery bee and why? 

3. Spring is a time of new beginnings. What’s something new that you would like to start doing? 

4. Pretend that you are spring cleaning the garage and find an old wooden box. When you open the box, what do you find? 

5. Write a persuasive letter explaining why spring break should be longer. 

6. Spring cleaning is a time to get rid of things we don’t need. Think of three things you might want to get rid of and explain why. 

7. Imagine that you found a baby bird in your backyard and nursed it to health. When the baby bird was out of danger, you found out that it had one superpower. Write a story about this super bird. 

8. What do you think is Earth’s biggest environmental problem? Write about what you think should be done to solve this problem. 

9. If you were a bunny, where would you want to live? Describe your life in that place. 

10. If you were in charge of a garden, what would you grow and why? 

11. Imagine that you found a magical coin while digging a hole in the garden. This coin gives you three wishes. What would those wishes be? 

12. Baby animals are born in the spring. Imagine you could pick any baby animal to be a pet. Which one would you pick and why? 

13. Imagine that you were so tiny that the grass was as tall as trees, and you could use a leaf as a blanket. Write a story about your adventures outside. 

14. Imagine that each season was a person. Describe each season (what he/she looks like, his/her behavior, and their interaction). 

15. Write a story about your life as a butterfly. 

16. Imagine you have been cooped up all winter and finally the snow has melted and it’s a beautiful spring day. How would you feel being able to get outside? What would you do on a day like this? 

17. Imagine that you took a walk in the park and accidentally upset a beehive. Now the whole hive is chasing you. What would you do? You can make it as silly or as realistic as you would like it to be. 

18. Write a how-to essay related to spring (how to make a bird feeder, how to dye Easter Eggs, how to care for a bunny, how to plant a garden, how to prepare for a nature hike…) 

19. Write a persuasive essay for or against spring testing. 

20. Imagine that you found an egg on the grass and when you picked it up, it took you to another time and place. Write about your experiences. 

21. Describe five ways kids can help take care of the Earth. 

22. The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Write a letter to a teacher (past or present) that you appreciate. Explain what that teacher has meant to you and why he/she was so memorable. Proofread it and then find a way to get it delivered to that teacher. 

23. Write a persuasive essay to convince your teacher to have classes outdoors more often. 

24. Imagine that you were able to find the end of a rainbow. Instead of a pot of gold though, what amazing thing did you find? 

25. Imagine that your class is having a picnic at the park. Imagine that instead of being a student, you are an insect at the park (ladybug, grasshopper, ant, etc.). Describe this picnic from the insect’s point of view.