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sábado, 19 de novembro de 2016

Top Christmas Adverts 2016 - Videos

The Heathrow Airport in the UK: They have outdone themselves in the cuteness stakes by creating a live video mixed with animation starring two bears returning for chrimbo.

Buzz the boxer is a HUGE fan of the John Lewis Christmas advert which you can view below!

Sainsburys have just released their advert and people are saying it better than John Lewis.
It's a gorgeous animation that features the vocals of James Corden and ironically the message is NOT to buy products but to give more of ourselves at Christmas. So, we're not buying pressies we're just wrapping ourselves!

Mrs Claus features as the star of the M & S campaign:

Check out this Aldi advert from Down Under:

Buster The Boxer: He's the star of the highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert which dropped this morning. The song is called 'One Day I'll Fly Away' performed by Vaults.
Every year JL pick a charity and this year it's The Wildlife Trust.

And here is something with a magnificent story at the heart of it. This is an animation uploaded by a 16-year-old student called Nick Jablonka who only put it up as part of his school coursework.
Uploaded in July, it suddenly exploded in the last week because people thought it was the real John Lewis advert.
The story doesn't end there. The video is close to a million views AND Nick has already been offered a job in animation!
Christmas is all about those kind of stories.

And introducing, Kevin The Carrot. I've a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Kevin.

And for those who believe it's a little early for Chrimbo ads.
The Walk Of Christmas. When you strut with that present style!

Argos have opted for multi-coloured Yetis to flog their wares!