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quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016

The Fox and the Grapes - video and video script

A hungry fox was wandering around in search of food.
'I'm so hungry. I can't find anything to eat.'
He was so hungry, everything around him was blurry.
The fox was passing a vineyard, but the fox didn't know it was a vineyard.
"Oh, I'm so hungry I can't even see well now."
"But what's that roundish thing that looks like a grape?"
"It would be nice if it was a real grape."
Fox hung his head and walked on.
'Huh? What's that smell?'
The fox suddenly became aware of the smell of grapes.
"Wow! It's a grapevine. There are so many grapes, My mouth is watering."
Fox looked at the grapevine and drooled.
"Shall I try one?"
The fox jumped up toward the grapes.
But the grapes were too high and the fox couldn't reach them.
The fox jumped up again.
He was about to touch them, but he couldn't pick them.
The fox continued to jump, but he kept missing.
"Oh, I'm so tired. Why are they so high? They're too high! I can't reach them."
The fox looked at the grapes for a long time and thought about how he could get them.
He suddenly got up and said to himself.
"Those grapes are probably too sour. I don't like grapes anyway."
"I don't want to eat sour grapes. I wasted my time for nothing."
The fox couldn't pick the grapes, so he made excuses and gave up.
The fox's stomach continued to growl and he continued to think about the grapes he couldn't reach.