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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Find out how to make some super-easy and fun Halloween snacks - Video and transcript

Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? Do you like cooking for friends? Find out how to make some super-easy and fun Halloween snacks! 


Hi, guys. So today’s video is a Halloween snack video, so I have five different treats that I’m going to show you how to make. They’re also super easy and super fun and they’d be great for a Halloween party, or if you just feel like making some Halloween snacks then these are awesome, and they’re all super easy like I said, so let’s go ahead and get started.
The first thing you’re going to need for the first snack is some wax paper so I just laid mine out into a big sheet that is big enough to fit some star-shaped pretzel spider webs on. Then you’re going to take some pretzel sticks, and you’re just going to lay them out in the shape of a star on the wax paper like that. Next I took some white chocolate chips, and put them into a bowl, then I put them in the microwave to melt them, and I just kept my eye on them and put them in like for thirty seconds, and then I’d stir them around just to make sure I didn’t burn them.
Once you have your melted white chocolate, you’re going to put it into a baggie like this, and once you have it all in the baggie then what I did was just try to get all of the chocolate into one corner like this. Then you just twist it, and then I took some scissors and I just cut off the end of the baggie. Then what I did was I just drizzled the chocolate around the pretzels like this, into a circle shape, and I did about three circles, so that it looks like a spider web and this is so cute and so adorable, and it literally looks just like a spider web except a lot cuter. So just go ahead and do that to all of the pretzels.
Next we’re going to take some milk chocolate and we’re going to just melt it in the microwave, just like we did with the white chocolate. So put the chocolate in a baggie like we did for the white chocolate, then you’re going to just cut off the tip and I accidentally cut off the tip too big. As you can see, a lot of chocolate was coming out at once. It was supposed to be a lot smaller so I could make this chocolate look like the legs of a spider and then you just put a chocolate chip in the middle to look like the body of a spider but it kind of ended up looking like a blobby spider because I cut the hole in my baggie too big, so be careful with that, make sure that you cut it really small. But then you stick those in the freezer for like ten minutes and then they are finished.
For snack number two, you need cookies and marshmallows and red frosting. So I just have the Chips Ahoy original cookies, and you’re going to be cutting these in half, so if you wanted to get the soft version of these cookies, you could do that but I like the original ones better so I just went with those, even though they were a little bit harder to cut in half.
So then I just took some red icing, and I’m going to spread this all over the cookies, so I just put it on every single one, and then spread it out with a knife. Then what you do is you take your marshmallows, and you’re just going to place them around the border of the cookie, and then you put another cookie on top of that, so it turns into a monster mouth.
So, there you have your little monster cookie mouth, so they’re so cute, but moving onto the next snack, I just took some glazed doughnuts and some vampire teeth that I got at Walmart. Then you’re just going to take the vampire teeth and put them into the centre of the doughnut so it turns into a cute little doughnut monster. So once you’ve done that, if you want to add some eyes, what I did was I just took some chocolate chips and I placed them where eyes would be on the doughnut monster. So these are super easy, and they literally take two seconds and they’re so cute and they taste really good.
So the next snack is also super-easy. It’s just little orange pumpkins. So I just took some oranges and I peeled them, and then I took some celery, and all you do is cut off little pieces of the celery to be used as the stem of a pumpkin, and if you wanted to get the little “cutey” oranges that are smaller, then those would be a lot cuter, but they actually didn’t have those at the grocery store that I went to so I just got normal size oranges, but the really small ones would be super cute. So all you do is take your little pieces of celery and stick those in the top of your orange so that it looks like a pumpkin. These are super-cute and also super-easy, and so is the next one and its little banana ghosts. So, I just took some bananas, and all you do is you just cut them in half and peel them.
For the eyes of your banana ghost you’re just going to take mini chocolate chips and place these where the eyes would go. Then for the mouth, I just took normal size chocolate chips and put them underneath the eyes.
So those are all of the Halloween-inspired snacks that I decided to make and I got a lot of these ideas from Pinterest, so you guys should definitely check out Pinterest if you are looking for more Halloween-inspired snacks. But these are the ones that I chose to make, so if you guys recreate any of these, be sure to tweet me a picture and I will check it out. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and I will talk to you guys later.