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sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

Princess Diana Letters Up for Auction


Words are said to be a dime a dozen, but not when they involve the late Princess Diana, you can bet -- those words -- are worth much, much more.

Lady Di’s long time friend, Margaret Hodge, is now offering her own personal past photos and letters with the princess -- for a hefty price.

$30,000 U.S. -- for starters -- for the entire collection of memorabilia.

The letters reportedly reveal the highs and lows of the princess’ life.  ABC’s Nick Watt Reports--

“Shortly after her fairytale wedding, Diana wrote of her new home ‘just a cozy nest for Mr. and Mrs. Wales to roost’ She wrote of falling down rabbit holes on long walks with Charles ‘I vanished down many a hole -- the husband having not realized -- typical!’  She signs off playfully ‘I ought to finish not and give a hug to my other half.’

The letters don’t always express such joy. Diana confides to her friend about her failing marriage and the stresses of being a princess.   Many are questioning Hodge’s reasons for releasing them.

A blogger writes, “While Diana’s former friend will make a pretty penny off the endearing correspondences, timely again now that her son William is a newlywed himself, it doesn’t seem like enough to hand over such personal mementos.”

James Grinter, a royal specialist sees a promising outcome by saying, “The Princess' letters give a fascinating glimpse into her life in the early years of her marriage to Prince Charles and we are expecting a lot of interest from collectors from around the world." (Daily Mail)
The now 30-year-old letters will go up for auction on June 21st.

Hodge admits she is selling these personal items – quote -- “to comfort her in her old age.”

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