sexta-feira, 29 de março de 2013

Good Friday around the world

Christians mark Good Friday around the world. At the Vatican the new Pontiff Pope Francis threw himself on the floor of St. Peter's Basically in prayer. In Southern Germany thousands watch the re-enactment of Jesus' walk to his death. Later they stand witness as Christ is nailed to a cross. Good Friday signifies the official beginning of Easter, which symbolizes the central Christian belief that death does not signify the end but a new beginning. In New York thousands of worshipers observe Good Friday with a procession over the Brooklyn Bridge. In Jerusalem, members of the clergy carry a statue of Jesus Christ. They hold a service at the place where they believe Christ was buried. In Mexico crowds of Roman Catholics gather to watch the annual Processions of the Flagellants and the Crucified. The faithful show their piety by hitting themselves -- its a way to share the pain that Jesus suffered on the cross.