sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2010

Protect the animals... Merry Christmas!!

Hey there internets,
 we don’t want you to fret, 
but we're not doing splendidly
It is very cold, 
out here in the snow, 
without our friend David Bellamy
Bill Oddie's doing stuff, 
but it's not enough, 
so can you do one thing for me?

We have had to fight, 
for every single bite, 
while you scoff your Christmas tea
That is why we say, 
oh yes 
yet again, 
can you do one thing for me?
Breathing places, 
space to roam, 
some where that I can call a home.
Wish I could be safe and sound, 
in a bucket underneath the ground…

Wish I had a home for Christmas…