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segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2018

eTwinning Project - Exchaging easy informal letters

This is a pen-friend  eTwinning Project between 
Portuguese (Silves - Algarve) and Spanish (Candelaria - Tenerife) students. 
First, the Spanish students wrote to the Portuguese students.

The Portuguese students were very happy to receive the letters!
These are their thank you videos. 

The Portuguese students loved their pen-friends’ letters. 
With the letters, Spanish students sent drawings of their region’s flag. 
The Portuguese students wrote back with pleasure and… 
they also made puzzles of their national flag and their village’s flag and sent them to their friends! 

This is the Spanish feedback!!

The Portuguese students researched about the Portuguese Euro coins and also made some Power Point Presentations about some of the cities in the Algarve. 
This information was shared on a Padlet page:

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